Add hemp-made sports apparel to your wardrobe

Here is an interesting point to remember about synthetic based apparel.  This is pulled from a research report from the SIA, “Ecological Footprint and Water Analysis of Cotton, Hemp and Polyester” 

"Production of polyester, even if the energy requirements are met by renewable sources, cannot be sustained indefinitely. The raw material, oil, is a non-renewable resource which will, in time,run out."

All of your polyester clothing is made from oil, a non-renewable resource.

Help the planet by switching to a renewable resource for your clothing needs.  We believe the top renewable resource is hemp for the following reasons:


Good for the earth. Hemp has a lower environmental impact than polyester or cotton. On average, one acre of Hemp can produce two to three times more fiber than one acre of cotton.

Minimal use of chemicals and insecticides when compared to growing cotton. Nearly 10% of all agricultural chemicals and 25% of insecticides come from the cotton industry, which bleeds into our soil, rivers, and streams. Hemp can be grown with much less chemicals, or many times, none at all.

Minimal water needs. Hemp needs one-third of the water that cotton needs and is three to eight times stronger than cotton (depending on how it is processed).

A great performance fabric.  Contrary to popular belief Hemp fabric breathes well, is moisture absorbent, has high UPF, provides thermal protection and is anti-bacterial.

Extremely durable and long-lasting. Hemp fiber has always been valued for its strength, robustness, versatility, and durability. It is one of the strongest natural fibers, and its textile products are long lasting.

Add some hemp products to your wardrobe.  You will quickly notice that you reach for those first when getting dressed.


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